Kim Jong-min Bio, Age 2022, K-Pop, Best Singer, South Korea, Koyote Group, Height, Weight

Kim Jong min

Kim Jong-min is one of the famous and multitalented South Korean dancer, singer, entertainer, and Tele personality. Kim Jong-min gets his name and fame globally as he was a cast member of“Two Days and One Night”.  The multitalented South Korean is also retention of the OTT Netflix series “Busted!”. Kim Jong-min’s birthdate is 24 September … Read more

Soyou Bio, Age, Best Singer, Networth 2022, Height, Weight, South Korean


Kang Ji-Hyun, nicely-known by her embraced the set name “Soyou”, is an award-endearing South Korean songster, nicely-identified as a retired associate of ‘Sistar’, a South Korean group created by ‘Starship Entertainment’.  Professionally, She was a certified stylist and worked in a hair salon previous to making her debut with ‘Sistar’. The K-pop girl company began … Read more

L (Kim Myung-soo) Bio, Age, Amazing, Best Singer, South Korea, Networth 2022, Height, Weight

L (Kim Myung-soo)

“He” known as “Kim Myung-soo” is one of the famous South Korean singers and actors. He is one of the singers of the band ‘Infinite’, which was created by “Woollim” Entertainment back in the year “2010”. Also a component of “Infinite’s” subgroup named ‘Infinite F,’ which was created in the year 2014, he produced his … Read more

Onda Everglow Bio, Age, Best Singer, South Korea, Famous Musical Artist, Net Worth 2022, K-Pop


Onda Everglow by professional, is a very good dancer, singer, musical artist, and television personality came from Seoul, South Korea.  Onda is the most popular face and name in a K-pop band and is well known as one of 6 members of the k-pop team, ‘Everglow’. Everglow ( ebeogeulrou: RR; “에버글로우” as a Korean, style … Read more

Park Chanyeol Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022, Singer, Best Rapper Height, Weight, Facts, And More


Park Chanyeol is one of the most popular singers in South Korea as a Rapper, Singer, and actor from Seoul, SK. He is a multitalented personality of South Korea.  Similarly, Park Chanyeol is globally well known for his appearance in tele programs such as  Secret Queen Markers,  Law of the jungle,  Missing 9, and others … Read more