Healthy Foods For Oral Hygiene

Here are some foods that one must include in their diet to ensure their oral hygiene.


Studies suggests that yoghurt can eliminate bad breath by reducing odour causing compounds like hydrogen sulfide

Green leafy vegetables

Including green leafy vegetables in your diet can stimulate the production of saliva. They also contain phytochemicals that can ward off bacteria

Green Tea

Besides helping to reduce weight, green tea can also enhance periodontal health by lowering inflammation and bacterial growth inside the mouth


Studies shows that raisins contain phytochemicals that can eliminate the bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum problems


Cinnamon contains an oil known as cinnamic aldehyde that can restrain bacterial growth, thereby preventing infections and diseases

Milk and cheese

High in phosphate and calcium, milk and cheese helps neutralize the acid in the mouth, killing bacteria and preserving tooth enamel