The previous model, 54, recorded desk work to break up her 25-year union with the "Rough" star, 76, in Palm Beach County, Fla., on Aug. 19

 Jennifer Flavin recorded docs Friday in Florida ... hazy precisely why she chose to reassess their marriage

 tattoo coverup - - the "Rocky" star eliminated a picture of Jennifer's face from his arm

 In the separation docs, got by TMZ, she says, "Upon data and conviction, the Husband has taken part in the deliberate dispersal,

 According to Section 61.075, Florida Statues, value directs that the Wife be redressed and restored by getting an inconsistent circulation of the conjugal resources in support of herself

 the Husband ought to be urged from, selling, moving, appointing, hindering, or disseminating any resources during the pendency of procedures."

 Jennifer needs to reestablish her last name - - Flavin. She likewise believes that an appointed authority should slow down Sly moving resources from the conjugal pot

 At the point when gotten some information about the thinking behind covering the ink of Jennifer, Stallone's rep told Daily Mail, "Mr. Stallone planned to revive the tattoo picture of his significant other Jennifer

  Jennifer took to Instagram to post a photo with the three daughters she and Sylvester share, with the caption

 the marriage is "hopelessly broken" and note that Flavin is mentioning resources collected during the association to be "fairly conveyed" between them.