Master Football Hall of Fame quarterback and famous radio and TV sports character Len Dawson has kicked the bucket. He was 87

 He drove the Kansas City Chiefs to their most memorable Super Bowl win in 1970

 "Lenny the Cool" likewise directed Chiefs fans through their promising and less promising times as a telecaster for over 50 years.

 A slim 6 foot 1 and 190 pounds, on the smallish side in any event, for his time, he played with minimal noticeable inclination

 Dawson was a peaceful sort who showed others how its done. "I've never heard him speak loudly," the Kansas City watch Ed Budde once said.

 He was best associated with returning from a serious knee injury to take the Chiefs to a shocking 23-7 triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV in January 1970

 As that game approached, Dawson had confronted strain to demonstrate he was in prime shape in the wake of missing five middle of the season games on account of his terrible knee.

 Dawson had as of late entered hospice care at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan.

 Dawson, who resigned after the 1975 season, tossed for 239 vocation scores and 28,711 yards

 He was chosen for the Hall of Fame in 1987. Dawson was a mark figure in group's set of experiences