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Wheein is a young girl and has some extraordinary skills like A good voice, a good writer, and but not least a good performer in dance, and have good-looking features. So basically, she is a good singer, writer, and best dancer. In South Korea.

Wheein was born on 17 April 1995. The day was Monday And, the whole of South Korea is proud to have such a multi-talented girl to have, The birth palace was jeonju jeollabuk-do. Wheein real name is Jung wheein as on stage wheein is called by her Fans.

She left with her grand in her childhood. She has done graduation from “Wongwang Information art High school”

wiki/ bio 

Full Name RealWheein
NicknameJung whee-in
ProfessionWriter, singer, dancer
Age (2021)26 year old
Home TownJeonuj jeollakuk-do
NationalitySouth Korea
EthicityAsain (South Korea)
Social media@Instagram (Whee-in Jung)


Weight45 (kg) kilogram
Height5’3” FEET & INCH (1.60) M
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorDark Brown
Inked (Tatoo)N/A


Net worth(Income)1$- 5$ Million Approx
Income sourceSinger, shows, writer

Wheein Personal life

She is unmarried at present and does not have any affairs or Any boyfriends, she is a member or mamamoo as a vocalist.

After becoming a popular artist, she has lacks time and Busy in her profession due to a lot of work, she does not give Time to their lover, fans, and ongoing dates.

So,wheein has a high tide schedule, from that she find the time To grab the attention of all her fans, lover by her beauty, charm, talent, and the special thing she has a beautiful voice.


Wheein Net Worth

Her net worth has estimated approx $1 million to $ 5 million 

Mamamoo k-pop 

Mamamoo is a group, which consists of four girls. It is one of the best music bands in South Korea. The 1st song they had sung was “Mr. Ambiguous” Which was a highly impact on the Korean music industry.

Mamamoo a group of girls and their name are- 

  • Moonbyul
  • Solar
  • Hwasa

Hwasa and wheein are known to each other from their middle school Mamamoo group has also sung for Japanese and done many tours for japan.

Mamamoo member info

  1. Moonbyul was born on 22 Dec 1992 Calculating the age is 28 years 
  2. Solar was born on 21 Feb 1991Calculating the age is 29 year
  3. Hawas was born on 23 July 1995Calculating the age is 25 year (2021)
  4. Wheein was born on 17 April 1995 Calculating the age is 25 year (2021)

Mamamoo Leader Solor Bio

Solor was growing up in Gangseo, Seoul, in South Korea. Solar live there and study at Morden K Music Academy. She has done her graduation from “Hanyang Women Univesity” Solor started her music journey by joining the group Mamamoo. From there she performs many shows.

Solar has also hosted the “Gaon Chart Music Award” and “KBS Gayo Daechujkje” in 2016 and also hosted many music awards functions. Her height is 163 c.m (5’4”)

Mamamoo Moonbyul Bio

Moonbyul was born in South Korea. she is also known for her rap done in“Mr. Ambiguous” one of the very famous tracks.Moonbyul was born on 22 Dec 1992, she is now 27 years old.

Moonbyul has two sisters name are Seulgi and Yesol, Seulgi’s birthyear is 1996, and Yesol’s birthyear is 2004.Moombyul’s nickname is “Black Hole” due to sweat a lot.Her heigth is 165 c.m (5’5”)Her weight is 45 kg(kilogarm) 99lbs.Moonbyul was engaged in the group called “Girl NextDoor”Before joining the group mamamoo. 

Mamamoo Hwasa Bio

Hwasa was born in South Korea, of Jeollabuk-do in Jeonuj. She is also a group member of mamamoo.Her school was “Wonkwang Information High School” as well as Hwasa knows Wheein since middle school.

Hwasa’s birthday is on 23 July 1995, she is 25 years old. Her weigth is around 44 kg(kilogram) 44(lbs). Her height is around 162cm (5’3”) feet and inches.Hwasa has a 5 tattoo on her body also a sharing friendship tattoo with childhood friends wheein 

Wheein Professional life

If we talk about professional life, is so luxurious. Her dedication and hard work reach this type of level professionally, wheein is a good singer, writer, and performer and has got recognized group called Mmamoo.On a parallel side, she also labels the very multitalented company called(RBW) rainbow bridge world.

Wheein is a good performer and vocalist in mamamoo Besides this group has made many album, EPs, and track Which includes – Melting, Piano Man, Pink Funky, Memory, Hello, Purple, Yellow Colour, White Wind, Red Moon etc…

Wheein First album

The title- “melting” was the first album of wheein and from this, she debuts in the music via (RBW) rainbow bridge world on 26 Feb 2016.

Under this album the composed many songs such as- I miss u, Girl Crush, Taller Than You, Words Don’t Come Easy, You Are The Best, My Home Town, Friday Night, and Cat Fight  All this ranked number two on the Gaon album chart. 

On other hand in the u.s world album (billboard) chart ranked eight(8). “You are the best” was nominated in Goan Chart for” Song Of Year” in 2016 As well as also nominated for Golden Discs Award in the “Digital Bonsang” in 2017.

First Tv Show

An episode TVN series was the first tv show of wheein  In 2016, started with Cho-Jin woong, Seo Kang-Joon, Park Jung-min, LeeDong-hwi, and Lee Kwang-soo.

Social Media

Impressive popularity on social media Platform by the group Mamamoo. Moreover, they have 2.5 million followers on Instagram PageAlso on Twitter with a million follower, On YouTube more than 2 million subscribers. and on FB (Facebook) million likes and shares.

Body Measurement wheein

She is a slim and flexible body with a height of 159 cm that means 5’3”  feet and inch. Her weight is around 43 kg(kilogram) 43 (lbs). There is no information available of her “chest-waist-hips” No size of the dress, shoe, and which brand she wears. Wheein has dark brown eyes, and her hair is also dark brown. She has approx 12 tattoos on her body, from 12 out of 2 tattoos are shared with mamamoo member hwasa. 

More facts About Wheein

  • She was born in South Korea.
  • Her native palace and spent her life in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do
  • She love to draw in her free time.
  • 17(seventeen) a popular group of boys which loved by wheein.
  • “Snack Queen” is also called to wheein
  • Ggomo/Kkomo the cat name, she has in her house
  • Her voice is the loudest in their group.
  • Wheein and hwasa are almost the same age.                                                        
  • She has taken her training in MBK entertainment.
  • Wheein love to watch “mukbang”( host of serial eats a large amount of food while attending to their audience)  
  • She gets inked (tattoo) on her body.
  • Wheein also have an interest in arts 
  • She is also good at freestyle rapping.
  • Hwasa and Wheein have close bonding.
  • She gives her appearance in Phantom’s “under Age” song. She also appeared as an artist song such as -Hey by B1A4 Sanduel and Ex-Girl by MONSTA X.
  • Shw has 12 tattoos on her body which she shares (2) two of them with hwasa a member of mamamoo. 

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